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Leading Printed Apparel Manufacturer of the World – Happyway

Shanghai Happyway International Trading Co., Ltd is the renowned finest printed apparel manufacturer in the world. We offer the most outstanding quality of customized printed apparel for all the national and multinational companies around the globe that are in search of outstanding variety and good quality promotional products. Our apparel is made of a variety of excellent quality fabrics. Along with customized printed apparel, we specialize in customized embroidery apparel too. With each and every product of our customized printed apparel, we provide free art preparation. We are the top-notch printed apparel manufacturer for the reason that we provide a wide variety of printing options which makes it easier for any company to incorporate any design of their choice. 

Explore Our Wide Variety of Fabric Options

For more than a decade, we have been putting unceasing effort to raise our bar of quality and keep providing more and more options to our customers in all ways possible. Therefore, as the leading printed apparel manufacturer, we have been able to achieve the goal that we set. Today, we are offering straw, cotton, canvas, polyester, and wool to our customers to choose for their customized printed apparel. We are probably the only printed apparel manufacturer that is providing such many fabric options to its customers that too in finest quality. 

Create Any Design with A Variety of Printing Options

Our customized printed apparel collection includes shirts, hats, beanies, tank tops, swim caps, visors, sportswear, athletic wear, and much more. You won’t find such a wide variety of apparel collections at any other printed apparel manufacturer. Along with the wide variety of apparel and fabric options, we offer a good range of printing options in our entire customized printed apparel collection. You can choose any option from silicon print to silk-screen print, from off-set print to badge print, and much more; the choice is all yours. With our customized printed apparel collection, the possibilities are endless. 

Why Consider Us?

We indeed are the leading printed apparel manufacturer, and the options of apparel, fabric and printing that we offer are rare to find. Along with all these exceptional qualities, we offer services like low minimum order quantity, fast and easy shipment, satisfied quality, a variety of colors, and much more. We also provide free samples; thereby, you can get your free art preparation done on any of the items present in our customized printed apparel collection and get your samples shipped to you for free. You will definitely come back like the 80% of our customers who have been choosing us over other printed apparel manufacturer companies for more than a decade.