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Office Stationery Awards

Get Your Workplace Sorted With Happyways! 

Based in China, Shanghai Happyway International Trading Co., Ltd is a leading business in the international market for promotional products. With over 10,000 satisfied clientele, we take pride in being identified as the top-notch office stationery exporter in China. Our range of promotional office stationeries includes spiral notebooks with stickers, custom logo printed notebooks, custom logo cork notebooks, premium dotted notebooks, planner diary notebooks, and kraft notebooks with an environmental paper pen. 

Apart from notebooks, our other office supplies include staff cards with a hanging lanyard, mobile phone stand desk calendar, custom printed lanyard, and promotional disposable cups. Abiding by our mantra to make workspaces comfortable and sorted, we offer durable and high-quality supplies. Our R&D team ensures the stationary designs in terms of functionality and practicality. No batch is supplied to clients without performing proper checks. 

Buy Office Stationery at Wholesale rates

We understand that it is easy to be overwhelmed and frustrated if you cannot set up your workspace correctly. Yet again, even if you succeed at tracking a reliable stationery supplier, their prices do not align with your budget. To help you out here, we at Happyways deal with bulk orders of workplace stationery supplies.

We have a diverse variety of stationery available to choose from, including notebooks and custom printed lanyards. Our products will ensure that you have everything you need to make employees feel sorted and organized. They can utilize our spiral notebooks to jot down essential meeting details and note the important dates. With our disposable cup supplies, your employees can drink as much coffee as they like to enhance their productivity without cluttering the work desks. 

Why Choose Us?

We, being a Wholesale Office Stationery Supplier, offer amazing deals and discounts on bulk buying. We encourage our clients to provide us with their desired designs, and then within a short span, we deliver the batch. For our regular customers, we have loyalty discounts available which further encourage happy shopping. As far as the shipping and logistics are concerned, we have our clients sorted there as well. We offer safe and intact shipment services and many modes of payment to facilitate our local and international clients.