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Metal Gel Ink Pen

Why Prefer Happyway Gel Pen

Happyway is a pioneer gel pen manufacturer and supplier. Our unmatchable products are reachable to every corner of the world. We produce a diverse variety of pens to satisfy the needs of our customers, and yes, they are stylish. Our experts research and introduce many new trends in the market. Our congenial business policies welcome wholesalers and small business owners.

Our Peculiar Gel Ink

We use special gel ink for our gel pens. Our ink has large powder pigments suspended in a water-based gel. Our gel pens are exceptional as they provide you a stress-free, smoothest, more vivid, and age-resistant writing.

Metallic Body

Their presentable and appealing metallic body makes them durable; a comfortable grip section facilitates long writing sessions. A trendy binder clip is there for easy attachment to the pocket. An eraser is attached to some of our hybrid models so that you can write like a gel pen and erase like a pencil; specially designed for those who hate to cross out and prefer to erase. Come in many attractive colors to provide you with substantial options to be chosen according to your taste and desire. 

Designed by Experts

Our specialist panel has designed distinctive tips to minimize the contact between the ball and surrounding tip material. This enables you to write impressively smooth, even and clear writing. Their ultra-fine tip size restrains the ink from bleeding through paper and makes you carefree from the previous pages.

Promotional Item

Our beautiful gel pens, no doubt, are rewarding promotional items for your business, whether you want to set your company as a leading brand or have the desire to win your customers by creating cordial relations. Customizing these pens by printing the logo of your company on them by simply paying nothing to us.

Get in Touch 

It’s quite convenient to reach us through our websites, e-mails, or simply call us. We are here to cooperate to overcome any of your confusion and resolve your issues. Promotional offers with huge discounts are available for our wholesalers.