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Shop from the best Quality Calculator Manufacturer in China 

Shanghai Happyway International Trading Co., Ltd is a well-established and renowned name in the market's promotional products. With 10,000 clients under the belt, we are widely regarded as the premium promotional product supplier locally and internationally. Our range of office supplies includes:

● Customized calculators.

● Colorful pocket calculators.

● Book clip calculators.

● Mini mobile calculators with rope.

● Promotional chocolate thin calculators.

● A heart keypad calculator.

● A popular solar calculator.

We identify as the best quality calculator manufacturer in China due to the longevity and functionality of our products. Our dedicated R&D team carries out extensive tests and experiments to ensure the quality and functionality of the calculators. We also strive to introduce new technological advancements in our devices. We deal with a wide variety of calculators at wholesale rates. At happyways, our mantra is to facilitate clients by all means. That is why we have amazing discounts available too, along with different modes of payment. 

Versatile Customized Calculators 

At happyways, we design calculators that our clients cannot resist buying. We install big LCD screens to enhance the visibility of numbers and make them aesthetically pleasing. In addition, we use sensitive and big buttons for easy and convenient use. The latter also makes the computation process quicker and smoother. Our calculators are dual operated, as they not only work on batteries but charge on sunlight too. The small solar panels within the calculator keep powering up the battery as long as sunlight is absorbed. These calculators are suitable for use in schools, businesses, offices, homes, basic budgeting, and much more. As far the computations are concerned, they have subtraction, addition, multiplication, division, backspacing, total, CE, %, M+/M-/MRC, and On/AC buttons available. 

Why Choose Us?

Being a Customized Calculators Supplier, we offer clients the opportunity to get creative with designs, and based on it; we decide the batch production specification and schedule delivery. We have a wide variety of designs to choose from. In addition, our team of experts is always available 24/7 for any product-related query. We also offer wholesale rates and jaw-dropping discounts to our valuable clients and bulk buyers. To facilitate our international clients, we provide different modes of payments and shipping services, which deliver the batch safely and intact.