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Enjoy Smart Charging Solution with Happyways

Shanghai Happyway International Trading Co Ltd is a global electronics manufacturer based in China. As a global electronics exporter, we deal in providing innovative, intelligent tech solutions to our clients. Our range of electronics includes wireless chargers, custom and standard, Bluetooth speaker chargers, ultra-thin chargers, foldable mouse mat pad wireless chargers, and much more. Our R&D department runs extensive quality checks on all the newly manufactured batches, and the products are put on sale only after the approval is provided. In addition, we also offer fast delivery and guarantee safe shipping. We entertain bulk orders as well, and that too at wholesale rates. 

Diverse ranges of Wireless Chargers

Gone are the days of wired chargers and the frustration of dead battery problems. With new technological advances, you can charge your phones anywhere and anytime without needing a wire or electric socket. Now, wireless chargers rule the market, and Happyways takes pride in being one of the top-notch global electronics exporter of wireless charges. We have a vast range of wireless chargers available compatible with android as well as apple devices. We offer customized and standard wireless chargers in different shapes including, round, qi round, and flat. As far as designs are concerned, we have wireless chargers that can be folded or used as mobile back covers or could be used as portable power banks, thin wireless chargers, or mini ufo-designed chargers.  

Why Choose Us?

At Happyways, we try to make your charging experience convenient and easy. We want you to keep your phone on the charging pad and forget about it for a while. All our wireless chargers are informative and come with built-in friendly indicators, and we install LED indicators in the chargers so you can keep track of the charging easily. Our chargers are case protective, implying that charging takes place directly through phone covers. Along with the latter benefits, we enable our devices to be widely accommodating and suitable for all android and apple devices such as speakers, AirPods, and iPods. The best part is that our clients get to access the listed remarkable features at wholesale rates, including amazing discounts. Now, what are you waiting for? Pick your laptop and connect with the global electronics manufacturer china.