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Happyway the Only Place A Writer Need

Shanghai Happyway International Trading Co. is a company that manufactures promotional products. It is based in China and has had very rapid growth for some years for its exceptionally wide range of products available for logo personalization and customized promotional products. Their line of products includes T-shirts, stationery, crystal crafts, bags, and much more. Out of all the products, this company is most famous for its writing stationery supplies and is considered to be the best China customized writing stationery supplies company worldwide. They are renowned for their stationery supplies and their customers not only are a fan of their stationery supplies, but they also vouch for them, which is a massive achievement for this company. Their stationery supplies are famous around the world because they have all the global writing stationery supplies in stock at the lowest prices. Let’s have a look at their product line of all the writing stationery supplies.

List of Writing Stationery Supplies Available at Happyway

• Plastic ballpen 

Their plastic ball pens come in a variety of colors and designs. You can get your logo customized on any pen that they have in stock. Different designs allow different spaces to be used by customers to get their logos printed on the pen. You can get it printed anywhere you want in any color.  

• Metal ball pen

Their metal ball pens, just like plastic ball pens, come in a variety of colors and designs. Customization options are also the same as a plastic ball pen. Not only do their ball pens look good, but they also work very smoothly let it be metal or plastic ball pens.  

• Recycled pen

They also offer recycled pens to their customers. Some are made of wood which after use can be recycled very easily. Some are even made of environmentally friendly paper, which can also be recycled afterward.  

• Plastic gel ink pen

They also offer pens that have gel ink filled in them. As many people like using gel ink, so their plastic gel ink pen caters to those customers perfectly.  

• Metal gel ink pen

Their gel ink pen also comes in a metal body which a lot of people find stronger and easier to use than a plastic gel ink pen.  

• Novelty pen

They offer novelty pens too which are available in a variety of designs like some novelty pens are touch screen pens, some have led lamp in them, some are unicorn-shaped, some are lipstick shaped, some are tapeline shaped with an actual tapeline, some have a holder with them, and much more. 

• Stylus pen

They also provide ancient type pens named stylus pens. Some of them are used for writing, while others are used for operating touch screens.  

• Highlighter

They also provide highlighters in a variety of colors. 

• Multi color pen

Other than single-colored pens, they are also providing multi-colored pens to their customers.