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Wireless Charger

Shop For Advanced Wireless Charger from Direct Manufacturer at Happyways 

Shanghai Happyway International Trading Co Ltd is an international electronics manufacturer. Based in the heart of China, Shanghai, Happyway sells advanced varieties of wireless chargers. We offer wireless charging solutions, including square thin chargers, phone watch wireless chargers, mini fast wireless chargers, foldable mousepad wireless chargers, and Qi round Ultra-thin wireless chargers. Our wireless chargers are compatible with android as well as iPhone gadgets alike. Being an Electronics manufacturer, we design our products with attention to detail and functionality of the product.

Our products are equipped with the latest features, including high-speed charging, different charging modes, and LED indicators. Our Tech Experts at Happyways cross-check products for safety and functionality, thereby ruling out any possibility of malfunction. If you are an entrepreneur looking for advanced tech solutions for electronic gadgets, we would love to accept your order, and guess what? As wholesale manufacturers, we will provide you with our services at fantastic discounted rates. 

Smart Charging Solutions 

At Happyways, we cater to large and diverse gadget users, including android and iPhone. Due to the latter reason, we have to be on the lookout for designs that ensure device compatibility at maximum. Keeping that in mind, our wireless chargers operate on different charging modes as per the device underuse. For instance, providing 10W high-speed charging for android devices, a 7.5W charging mode to charge iPhones, and a 5W standard charge mode for other Qi-enabled devices. Our chargers are compatible with AirPods as well. 

Most importantly, our wireless chargers can transmit power through protective cases like mobile phone covers. Any protective case lesser than 5mm in thickness will be good to go but keep in mind not to use metal or magnetic cases, as they prevent charging. We understand the annoyance caused by having to constantly turn on your device and check the battery status. To help with that, our developers and designers have installed an LED indicator system to keep you updated about the battery power status without physically checking. 

Why Choose Us?

Being a well-experienced electronics manufacturer in the market, we are equipped to manufacture various wireless charging devices. We have 10,000 Company Customers, Over 100 Of Which Are Fortune Global 500. Besides, our customer loyalty is impressive, with an estimated rate of 80% of repeated orders. We offer wholesale rates to our bulk buyers and suppliers to facilitate their businesses. Being a direct electronics manufacturer, our production rate is fast, and we use our express delivery service to ensure safe and intact shipment.